Our Story

Pauline Freegard MBA

As owner and director of INK Legal, Pauline is a seasoned legal sector expert, business consultant, and marketer with 20+ years of experience working with UK large law, SME firms and suppliers to the sector. Passionate about communicating the essence of your law firm, product, or service, and developing the brand, message or images that really resonate. Pauline understands the psychology of the legal sector and how to cut through complexity to motivate the target audience ultilising the full range of marketing disciplines.

Peter Dickinson

Peter is INK's technical lead. Today's marketing technology stack is highly complex. With an ever evolving selection of digital and data analysis tools, web and social media algorithms to navigate, Peter provides expert technical knowledge to support projects and INK clients. In addition as a business coach and marketing specialist Peter has mentored over 500 businesses to overcome their challenges to growth. During 2020, Peter has mentored many more businesses through peer networking, and IoD groups, on the road to recovery.

Charleh Dickinson

Charleh is our creative lead. Charleh leads the creative team for website, print and digital content design. Ensuring that brand image is consistant through-out, and employing the latest marketing technology and techniques to make your online presence distinctive. Charleh delivers a premium bespoke result that stands out from the crowd.

The complementary skill-sets and depth of experience of our team here at INK Legal are hard to find in any in-house marketing team.

Driving Excellence


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