What is Digital Marketing for Law Firms?

What is Digital Marketing for Law Firms

How do firms delegate marketing resources?

Marketing for Law Firms That Works

Brand awareness is key to running a successful firm- the more of your target audience are aware of you, the more business that will come your way. This can be achieved with regular engaging social posts, tailored to your audience, alongside a robust SEO strategy and paid advertising so that new prospects can find you through the search engine results pages.
Credibility is everything when it comes to marketing for law firms- those that see you in a credible light are more likely to ‘know, like and trust’ you, and it’s also an opportunity to position your firm as a voice of authority. Whitepapers, webinars, articles and magazines are all examples of how you can demonstrate your firm’s credibility and help to establish it a voice of authority within the sector.
Law is a traditional sector that isn’t exactly renowned for innovation. However, with more technology and an increasing number of legal professionals and clients working from home, many firms are starting to look a little different. For example, more firms are adopting CRM software to stay agile and adaptable as a team. Your marketing needs to showcase exactly what sets your firm apart, so if you have a virtual firm- embrace that identity, or if your firm has recently undergone positive transformation- share the news with your audience.
Marketing for law firms isn’t just about bringing on new clients (as that would be unsustainable); it’s also about retaining your existing clients, as acquiring new clients can cost five times more than it does to retain them. Email marketing, regularly sharing relevant content on social media, and other techniques of nurturing relationships and providing value are all crucial to keeping clients loyal to your firm. Not only that, but a close relationship with clients will also enable you to understand their needs better, innovate to meet those needs, and win more clients in the future as a result.

Overall, firms want their marketing to provide a healthy and sustainable ROI. This can only be achieved through creating a holistic digital marketing strategy that’s tailored to the specifics of your firm and your clients, which is then tracked and monitored to identify what’s working well, if there are any issues, and opportunities for improvement. This will allow you to incrementally grow your marketing while ensuring that you stay on the right track.

Finding new clients in a competitive market such as the legal sector is always challenging, but when you’re able to build authentic relationships with qualified leads, that process becomes a whole lot easier. Through using a conversational marketing approach to LinkedIn lead generation, your firm can build a sustainable network of contacts that you can reach and via specific audience filters, ensuring you meet the decision makers you need.

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